About Us

Greetings you from Baku Tourism Factory LLC.

BTF LLC founded in the 2017 year by Mr. Rufat Abilov. 

The main goal of my company is to provide reliable, accurate and high-quality service to customers from foreign countries and companies applying for them.

The company provides the following services:
- Hotel, house, villa and etc. booking
- Visa support
- Transportation services
- Tour organization

Although we have a short period of time, we have already achieved success.
- Organization of transport and tourist services of two companies in Azerbaijan
- Organization of sales of five hotels and three apartments online

In a short time, our company has concluded many cooperation agreements. Currently, several companies are negotiating to increase the number of services for delivery and departure to the airport. The applications were sent to different countries for the sale of tours in Azerbaijan. We are seriously preparing for the summer season. Our plan for the future is to provide the company's personal transportation. 

We invite you to serious and solid cooperation with the aim of increasing turnover and increasing the company's portfolio of partnerships. We promise
that we will ensure the high quality and accuracy of the services provided in the above and not listed areas of tourism.


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